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Warehouse equipment and spare parts

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Our company offers only original spare parts and consumable materials approved by the Producer of equipment to ensure reliable operation and high productivity.

We offer spare parts and consumables for all equipment supplied by our company ever.

Spare parts and consumable materials

Original spare parts and consumables approved by the manufacturer guarantees a long service life and provides the specification, originally incorporated in the manufacturer‘s equipment. Customers can be assured that the equipment will be operated without any failures.

Store and exchange fleet

Keeping a stock of all necessary spare parts and consumables, our company can respond quickly to emerging problems, which allows our customers to reduce downtime. We pay great attention to our stock and renew it weekly. Also our company has a large exchange fleet equipment (in stock - more than 100 units, showroom – more than 40 units), it allows us to provide any part to our customers as soon as possible.

Parts delivery

Processing claims for replacement parts and consumables we fully satisfy customer’s needs and coordinate all the details individually.

Terms of delivery

Our company has reliable system for spare parts delivery to our customers in all regions of Russia. Delivery time ranges from 2 to 5 days depending on the region, from which claim comes.


Due to the large store, we always have the necessary spare parts and consumables for popular models of machines. If there is no item in stock, we are ready to assist you and deliver it as soon as possible. For more detailed information or demands you can contact the Department of Spare Parts.


There is 1 year guarantee provided for all spare parts in case of proper operation and installation.

Заявка на заказ запчастей