For successful operation of complex and expensive equipment one of the most important issues is its correct operation. Without specific knowledge there is a high probability to damage it and to affect the accuracy and quality of manufactured parts.

Our company carries out Installation of all our equipment throughout Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

All work is processed by highly qualified specialists of our company.


Installation include several stages:

Pre-installation work:

1st stage. Installation of the machine on the foundation with anchor bolts by our specialists. Fill anchor wells made ​​by the Customer. Foundation hardening process shall be not less than 14 days after pouring.

2nd stage. The following works are carried out by our specialists:

3 rd stage.

Acceptance of the machine testing is carried out with presence of the customer and includes acceptance of the geometric accuracy test of the machine according to operational manual, as well as manufacturing several standard test parts or other requirements agreed in the contract with the Customer.

The result is the signing of the Acceptance Act of the Installation works by authorized representatives of the Customer. 18 months warranty for equipment is activated once Installation is accepted.

Qualified specialists of our company can train operators at customer’s place. Mainly it consists of 16 hours according to our training program after which the operator will not only operate the machine confidently but also to maintain it properly.

In case installation is executed by the Customer itself, our experts provide assistance and advice how to install, connect, assemble and start up the equipment.