Machine tool factory “SASTA”

Machine tool factory “SASTA” is a Russian enterprise with semicentenial history, one of few companies that preserved and inherited the best traditions of the Soviet machine tool production. Machines produced by the factory have proven themselves as high quality and reliable equipment well-known around the world. Products of “SASTA” are supplied to machine-building enterprises of Russia and also for export. 


The main direction of modern “SASTA” activities – the full cycle of production of metal-cutting machines: from design and casting to assembly. The factory has 6 technological conversions necessary for working in accordance with №719 of Government Regulation of the Russian Federation.

Factory’s production facilities - 75 000 sq. m.


Factory’s technological capabilities allow producing products of any complexity:


The accuracy and reliability of “SASTA” machines are guaranteed by closed production cycle: the most important machine parts are produced and processed at the plant directly.

One of the most important advantages of factory “SASTA” is own cast house production (foundry) possessing technological flexibility and possibility to produce cast iron casting for single or series production.

Areas of the foundry are equipped with molding equipment including high speed mixers of the third generation and mechanical regeneration of sand, automated flaskless molding line, induction melting units.
Introduced technology based on cold-hardening mixtures allows getting high dimensional accuracy forms providing the ability to produce any casting with minimal machining allowances.



The finished casting has a high quality surface without metallic and chemical burned-on. Laboratory is equipped with equipment allowing carrying out all the necessary forms of control: analysis of incoming materials, payback of chemical composition control and microstructure of castings.

Own foundry provides manufacturing of the main machine components: beds, housing parts, spindles and supports.
In addition, the machine-tool building factory "SASTA" carries out mechanical processing of complex basic parts. The factory has more than 200 units of equipment, among which are unique:


At the moment the factory holds gradual modernization and technical re-equipment of production.

Machine-tool building factory "SASTA" applies progressive achievements in the field of labor organization, including the system of lean manufacturing that helps to reduce costs and eliminate production defects. Monitoring and quality control systems are implemented.