Vision Wide Tech (Taiwan)


Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd. rapidly succeed by its sophisticated machinery techniques and well-organized integrations of R&D, production, quality management, marketing, and after-sale service in machine tool engineering field. Vision Wide commits to offer high quality and competitive priced products. They provide vertical machining centers and wide range of bridge type machining centers (vertical/five-side, fixed column/moving beam, box way/linear way).

Company Vision Wide Tech works on the principles of «Production Prudence» based by Toyota and produces double column machining centers of different types:

  • With box guide ways
  • With linear guide ways
  • With a movable beam
  • With movable gantry
  • With movable gantry and movable beam

Every year more than hundred of big bridge-type machines are built, over 80% of them are exported to the industrialized countries, and widely well used for various parts machining in the fields of precise machinery, mold & die, and aerospace industry. It also brings Vision Wide brand worldwide.

Pursuing better performance, creating a new bench mark! We solidify our commitment to the company motto of «Originality», «Creativity», and «Contribution» for best performance and organizational enhancements from a professional team-based environment. They believe in continual improvement, R&D creativity, simple/effective systematic management, customer-oriented services are the keys toward best customer satisfaction.

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