CELLRO Automation (Netherlands)

For 15 years CELLRO Automation has been creating innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation for various industrial enterprises. The company was founded in 2003 in Holland.

The company's goal is to make your production more efficient and more productive, at a lower cost.

CELLRO offers its customers the following products:

  • automatic feeder Xcelerate;
  • system for changing tools and pallets, systems for changing and storing blanks and pallets,
  • Modular systems for automation of milling processes,
  • tool change systems. 




The advantages of this product include:

  • universality
  • can be used with any machine
  • feed of blanks weighing up to 35 kg of various shapes
  • storage of blanks
  • editing / creating an individual cell in the program
  • automatic change of grips
  • the presence of options
  • flexible software

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