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22 August 2018

The management of "BPK" visited the machine-tool plant "Sasta"

The management of the "BPK" visited the machine tool plant "Sasta" and Sasovo Foundry with a planned visit.

During the visit, General Director of "BPK" Kaledina Diana and General Director of "Sasta" Glebovitsky Maxim made an inspection of the production areas: machining workshop and assembly site. They also inspected the new equipment that was put into operation under the technical re-equipment program of the plant:

  • Waterjet cutting machine T6000, produced by F.O.R.T., Russia;
  • CNC laser cutting machine BySmart Fiber 3015x2000 mm, produced by Bystronik, Switzerland;
  • 4-roll hydraulic bending machine with numerical control МСА 2520, produced by «DAVI», Italy.

Thanks to the launch of new equipment, the possibilities of the Sasta machine-tool plant have significantly expanded.

08_22_2018_pic01.jpg 08_22_2018_pic02.jpg

In addition, the delegation visited the Sasovo Foundry, renovated premises, inspected new cantilever cranes and new equipment: a melting unit with a capacity of 3.5 tons; modernized melting plant Inductotherm; cooling tower; an annealing chamber with a length of 8 meters, equipment in the factory`s laboratory. The delegation also held meetings with the plant's departments.

08_22_2018_pic03.jpg 08_22_2018_pic04.jpg 08_22_2018_pic05.jpg 08_22_2018_pic06.jpg