27 april 2018

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, visited the Research Faculty of the SPbPU at the congress of the Russian Union of Rectors and familiarized himself with the machine tools under the trade name F.O.R.T.

On 26 of April, the head of state spoke at the plenary session of the Eleventh Congress of the Russian Union of Rectors, which was held at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great, after which he got acquainted with the scientific developments of the university.
In his speech, V. PUTIN noted the importance of the modern approach to the educational process and scientific activity: "You can not train by old methods, nor old standards, nor set goals that were relevant yesterday. (...) If we do not make this breakthrough, this is the whole point, then we will be hopelessly behind. (...) And people need to ready for this. "



In the Research Corps, the Rector of the SPbPU, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, A. RUDSKOY presented to the president technologies that could improve the competitiveness of Russian industry in global markets. Basically it was about engineering.
"Polytechnic University, having the competence, infrastructure, work experience, can and should become, in fact, the basic university for the introduction of advanced production technologies in the Russian high-tech industry," A. RUDSKOY


In the laboratory of the research corps, the latest developments of students and post-graduate students of the University were presented, including those produced jointly with "BPK":

  • turning machining center of Russian production (Russian cast-iron bed, spindle unit, supports, guides, etc.),
  • installation of additive manufacturing by the method of gas-powder laser surfacing.



The use of additive technologies allows creating details of any configuration, which opens up fundamentally new possibilities.
The plants are presented under the Russian trademark F.O.R.T. - Force, Opportunities Russian Technologies (strength, capabilities, Russian technology).

This equipment was developed by the employees of the joint design bureau located on the BPK-NORTH. In addition to the design bureau, the basic department is "Design and Technological Innovations in Mechanical Engineering", which functions in the IMMIT structure since 2014. The head of the department is the general director of "BPK" - D. KALEDINA

As V. PUTIN said, "Undoubtedly, education is one of the most important priorities of the state for the near future, and we can not segment it only into a school, university, or academic science. But, in general, in life, in practice it should be a symbiosis of all directions: the school should grow into a university, the university must train specialists, and graduate students, and candidates, and doctors associated with real life, with the real sector of the economy. All this should work together as a single organism, and then surely we will have success. "



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