19 december 2017

On the territory of the Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN" there was an extended meeting on the issues of organization of cooperation between the university, "BPK" and "Sasta". 


The meeting was attended by acting rector Kataeva Elena, pro-rector for educational activities Yelenaeva Yulia, pro-rector for scientific work and scientific and technical policy Alexander Zelensky, director of the Directorate for financial and economic activities Sergey Abarinov, general director of "BPK" Kaledina Diana and General Director of "Sasta" Peskov Alexey.

"STANKIN" presented all its technical developments in the machine tool industry. Also, the delegation inspected the production laboratories of the university, in which the gear-milling equipment of "Sasta" was installed.

During the dialogue, the parties showed interest in joint activities to create new types of equipment (within the framework of industrial partnership), touched upon issues related to training. In addition, it is planned to sign an agreement on joint work with the plan of priority measures.

Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN" (MSTU "STANKIN") - the leading machine-building university of the country, is a part of system-forming universities of Russia. It is a research and development complex, which carries out advanced developments in the priority areas of science and technology.

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